Closed User Group Hotels

Hotel OFFERS only to be displayed on CLOSED USER GROUP sites:

Unique Hotel Offers Only for You:

We customize offers suited for your organisation.

In addition to our Travel Platforms, some of our Hotel Partners are open to customized offers depending on User Groups, Countries and Distribution Platforms.

We will place these offers on suitable platforms, and make sure that they are unique compared with public prices.

We also work with companies who are looking to source unique Hotel offers for their Members, Customers, Campaigns, etc.

Please get in touch with us if you are looking for Hotel offers for your organisation, Or if you as a Hotelier want to reach millions of users through selected Closed User Groups.

Featured Offers:

Caribbean 5 Star - 55% Discount, Including B&B, and more.
Canary Islands - 45% Discount
Mexico 5 Star - 65% Discount, Including All Inclusive